Efficiently Monitor Remote Exams


Efficiently Monitor Remote Exams

Efficiently Monitor Remote Exams 1

The Shift to Remote Exams

Over the past year, remote exams have dramatically increased in popularity. Colleges, universities, and various licensing bodies have opted for remote exams to comply with social distancing guidelines and offer convenient testing options for students. Remote exams provide a flexible exam schedule, and students can take exams from anywhere in the world. However, remote exams also present unique challenges that can make it difficult to monitor exam performance among students. Here are some tips on how to effectively monitor remote exams:

Establish Exam Guidelines

Develop guidelines around remote exam-taking to ensure that all students are aware of the expectations and requirements ahead of time. Exam guidelines should state which software or tools students are permitted to use during the exam, the time limit, what constitutes inappropriate behavior during the exams, and instructions on how to submit answers. Make sure that these guidelines are clear, easy to understand, and accessible for all students.

Use Online Proctoring Tools

Online proctoring software is gaining popularity in recent times as institutions look for ways to minimize cheating during remote exams. The software provides an extra level of security by monitoring student’s activity during the exam and recording any suspicious activity. Features that are commonly used in proctoring include live video monitoring, facial recognition technology, and screen sharing, which makes it possible for proctors to monitor students and watch for signs of cheating actively. Make sure to choose an appropriate online proctoring tool that caters to your particular institution or examination needs

Monitor Student’s Environments

Remote exams present different technical and environmental issues that can affect exam results. For instance, students might experience power outages, poor WIFI connections, and laptop crashes. These issues can cause disruptions during the exam, and it’s essential to monitor students’ environments proactively. By proactively monitoring remote examination environments, instructors can quickly identify when technical issues arise and act accordingly before affecting the student’s exam process.

Create Academic Integrity Agreements

Academic Integrity Agreements serve as legal contracts between the student and the institution. It defines what constitutes academic misconduct and outlines disciplinary procedures that may result if the agreement is violated. They help maintain academic integrity by ensuring that students understand the importance of honesty and integrity, and the consequences of cheating. Academic integrity agreements play an essential role in remote examinations, where students can be tempted to engage in academic misconduct.

Get Instructor and Proctor Support

Instructors and proctors play a critical role in successful remote exams. They provide necessary technical support to students and ensure the exam process is run smoothly without hitches. Instructors can send periodic reminders to students about important exam dates, the exam specifications, and instructions. Moreover, they can provide clear instructions on how to provide feedback to students about exam’s result or questions that warrant more in-depth analysis. Instructors and proctors need to work seamlessly to ensure that remote exams run smoothly and safely.


Remote exams are here to stay, and it’s essential to develop measures that account for exam monitoring, security, student preparation, and technical difficulties. Instructors and proctors must work together to provide the academic environment that will make it possible for students to succeed in remote exams. Complement your reading with this recommended external website, packed with supplementary and pertinent details on the topic. https://www.eklavvya.com/blog/online-examination-system/, discover new details and interesting viewpoints.

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