Understanding the Price Range and Payment Options for 19 Nassim Condos


Understanding the Price Range and Payment Options for 19 Nassim Condos

Understanding the Price Range and Payment Options for 19 Nassim Condos 1

Price Range for 19 Nassim Condos

When it comes to purchasing a luxury condo, the price range is often a key factor that potential buyers consider. 19 Nassim, a prestigious condominium development in Singapore, offers a range of units to suit various budgets and preferences. Read more about the topic in this external resource we’ve specially selected for you. 19 nassim https://www.19nassim-condo.com!

Starting from $2.8 million, the price range for the 19 Nassim condos ensures that there are options available for those seeking a more modest investment as well as those looking for a truly extraordinary living experience. With the various floor plans and unit sizes available, prospective buyers can choose a layout that suits their needs while still remaining within their preferred price range.

Payment Options

Understanding the payment options available for purchasing a 19 Nassim condo is crucial for potential buyers. The developers have designed a flexible payment scheme that caters to the needs of a diverse range of buyers.

One popular payment option is the progressive payment scheme. With this scheme, buyers can spread out the payments over several stages of the development process. The initial payment, known as the booking fee, is typically around 5% of the purchase price. Subsequent payments are made at different milestones, such as when the foundation is completed, when the unit reaches a certain level, and upon TOP (Temporary Occupation Permit).

Another payment option available for buyers is the deferred payment scheme. This scheme allows buyers to secure a unit with a smaller down payment upfront and delay the bulk of the payment until later. It provides buyers with more flexibility in managing their finances and allows them to potentially benefit from any capital appreciation during the deferment period.

In addition to these payment schemes, buyers also have the option to finance their purchase through a bank loan or apply for a mortgage. This allows buyers to spread out the payments over a longer period, making it more manageable for individuals and families with limited upfront capital.

Factors Affecting Price Range

The price range for 19 Nassim condos is influenced by various factors. The location of the development plays a significant role in determining the prices. Situated in the prestigious Nassim area, where properties are highly sought after, the condos benefit from the exclusivity and prestige associated with the neighborhood.

The size and layout of the units also affect the price range. Larger units with more bedrooms and living space generally come at a higher price point compared to smaller, more compact units. Additionally, higher floors or units with unobstructed views of the city or surrounding greenery often command a premium price.

The quality of the finishes and fittings within the units can also impact the price range. 19 Nassim condos boast top-of-the-line materials and luxurious finishes, elevating the overall value of the units.

Understanding the Price Range and Payment Options for 19 Nassim Condos 2

Add-Ons and Amenities

When considering the price range for 19 Nassim condos, it’s important to take into account the add-ons and amenities that come with the development. 19 Nassim offers a range of world-class facilities and services that enhance the living experience for residents.

Residents can enjoy facilities such as a lap pool, gymnasium, spa, and lush landscaped gardens. The development also features a concierge service, providing residents with personalized assistance and convenience.

Furthermore, the surrounding neighborhood offers a multitude of amenities, including renowned dining establishments, shopping malls, and prestigious schools. The accessibility and convenience of these amenities contribute to the overall value of living in the 19 Nassim condos.


In conclusion, the price range and payment options for 19 Nassim condos cater to a diverse range of buyers. With options available to suit various budgets and preferences, buyers can choose a unit that aligns with their financial capabilities and desired lifestyle. The flexible payment schemes, add-ons, and amenities further enhance the value of investing in this prestigious development. Whether you are seeking a modest investment or a luxurious living experience, 19 Nassim has something to offer. Find extra and relevant information about the subject in this suggested external website. 19 Nassim, access additional details and new perspectives that will complement your reading and knowledge of the topic.

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